7 Common Factors Why Visitors Leave Your Website?

7 Common Factors Why Visitors Leave Your Website?

The whole point of having a web presence is converting visitors on your website into leads. To know why visitors are abandoning your website, you must first know the common factors which result in you further losing your leads. We have hence put together 7 key elements to ensure that you’re audience needs are catered to on a regular basis.

7 elements that causes people to leave your site without taking any action:

1. Lack of content:

The most important thing you can do when it comes to attracting visitors to your website is to provide high-quality and relevant content. There is no room for poor grammar, typo error or irrelevant content. Visitors will just switch over to another website that knows how to present a content which is easily understandable and relevant to what they are looking for. You could lose up to 44% on your potential customers for lack of content on your website.

2. No contact information

The most common mistake that business websites make is that they don’t provide information on how to contact them. This results in visitors abandoning the website before they actually take an action. Recent survey suggests that around 51% of customers are lost when businesses forget to mention their contact information.

3. Advertisements

Don’t annoy your visitors! Depending on these measures just to keep the customer interested will only turn off your audience in the later stage and result in fewer lead conversions. Hence don’t forget to regularly test which ads works the best and which does not.

4. Poor website design:

You may think your website design looks good as it had been few years back but there are high chances that new visitors to your website might not like it. This makes your first impression weak and you will not even know it. If your website looks like it hasn’t been updated in a while then new visitors may wonder what else isn't current and choose another website that looks more relevant to them. 66% visitors prefer a webpage which is visually attractive.

5. Automatic audio and video

Playing of audios and videos automatically once the person clicks on your website will not only slow down your websites load time but it will also leave an unpleasant feeling with the visitors. This makes the people to hop on a different website which is faster than your website. According to a survey taken 75% of people leave the site if the load time is slower than expected.

6. Plug-in

If you're still using Flash player, it's time you redo your website. Using a plug-in on your website can lead to visitors switching to a better responsive website, as plug-in are not compatible with most of the devices.

7. Site appearing as broken

Unless the browser you use is Internet Explorer 9 or older, there is no room for any excuses on your browser compatibility. Make sure you have double-checked your site for any kind of broken errors in all the major browsers/ search engines. This includes checking for errors in regards to compatibility on mobile devices as well.

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