Importance of Mobile Messaging For an Effective Marketing Strategy
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Importance of Mobile Messaging For an Effective Marketing Strategy

Mobile messaging is an attractive way through which business professionals exchange information using instant messaging via mobile devices. Although marketing via messaging applications was originated under social media platform, it has made its way to an entirely different platform of its own. The continuous rise in these messaging tools has opened up a pathway for low cost and high return channels to engage in more customers for B2B marketers.

The wall street journal has given a new term to this form of brand and consumer communication called “chatvertising”. The only significant difference when compared to social media is, messaging apps have shorter contents that perfectly align with your brand strategy where as social media drives brand content to its customers. Keep in mind that while engaging prospects in a conversation it is important to personalize the conversations with them.

Here are few suggestions to get started with your messaging marketing:

1. To address the massive rise in the use of this tooSl, you have to at first examine how “chatvertising” befits your brand’s marketing strategy.

2. Ask yourself the following questions before you decide your if this channel is ideal for you:

  • How will you be able to improve your brand’s customer experience?
  • How will choose this channel get you closer to your brand goal?
  • Identify which channel your target audience communicates on.
  • The final step is to decide your ideal channel in the messaging platform. e.g: WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, etc.

3. It is significantly important to be at the right channel in order to deliver the right message at the perfect time.

4. Messaging via mobile devices are rapidly turning into the primary way users engage on mobile, so we need to adapt it into our organization in order to be more successful. Just like Facebook and twitter are used by businesses on a regular basis, same way we have to install messaging strategy by significantly committing to it.

5. With the advancement in technology marketers are able to track capabilities of their marketing strategy done through mobile devices through many reliable methods.

6. Messaging marketing has a much higher engagement and return on marketing investment when compared to digital and social media marketing.

7. Based on the content that has been viewed by the prospects companies are also testing audience targeting capabilities in its ad measurement tools as it is essential to align your brand story with your brand strategy and its corresponding systems.

Hence to have an effective mobile messaging strategy it has to be non-disruptive so that it can prove to be effective for any customer engagement strategy.

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