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Seasonal Marketing

Marketing done during a particular period taking advantage of a season or event happening at that time is called seasonal marketing. The events can range from New Year to Christmas, including seasons like fall and summer. Many businesses flourish during that particular time in the whole year comparatively. Like cakes during Christmas, flowers during Valentine’s Day, every businesshasitsbest time of the year.


The initiated campaign should be relevant to that event. It shouldn’t be just something which makes you stand out but also remain super relevant to the theme. The campaign should revolve around what the customer might need from the brand during that time. You should observe what your competitors are doing and also the past trends to understand how the campaign might work.

Plan with a goal

Anything without a proper framework never makes it past the start line. You should know when the event is happening and plan for the campaign very prior to the event and not the day before the event. Being organised is very vital to seasonal marketing. You should also be prepared enough to handle the surge in sales when this campaign rolls out. Have an idea of the outcome you desire before devising the plan. It will help you in capitalising the events throughout the calendar year. Starting the plan earlier is the key to success in seasonal marketing.


The campaign once rolled out will create a spike in brand visibility, increasing the walk-ins. You should be well prepared to convert these potential customers into proper sales. You should be able to maintain appropriate follow-ups to maintain the loyalty of customers. You can send out emails or SMS to give those customers exclusive loyalty offers to retain them.

Product categories

Your brand might have different products, but it might not be suitable for all the seasons. Like a scarf that is required in winter can’t be promoted in summer. Prepare the product list of what you are going to sell during that particular season and identify the potential target audience. Tap these potential customers and generate curiosity among them with season-oriented content. Anticipation will make the customers spend a little more time on your product on average before skipping.


Building trust is the key to a loyal customer base. Testimonials about your product will often increase the trust factor. People will tend to buy a product that is endorsed by many than the one without any. A positive testimonial from your customer base will always be a significant boom factor to the business.

An effective solution to problems

Seasonal marketing always drives a massive load of web traffic. This traffic might result in a crash or wait time or server overload. And you should be prepared enough to handle these problems and provide an effective solution at the earliest. Else it might cause a negative attitude towards your brand image. You can put up some notifications or pop-ups regarding the maintenance period if any, to notify the user.


A campaign with offers always draws more attention than the one without offers. A season-based offer will derive better mileage to the campaign. Pick out the offers you would want, if you are the customer looking at the products. Craft these offers individually if needed to the loyal customer base to retain them forever. Send out push notifications, emails and SMS to notify them about these offers. You might end up making more sales with an offer than without one.

What do you infer?

Seasonal marketing taps the proper audience and drives huge sales if planned well in advance. The desired outcome should be the goal of the campaign and prepare the right ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) list if you want to restrict on overspending the budget. Proper follow-ups are always necessary to retain a loyal customer base.

These are not something that is tough to start with. Always take expert consultation to make your campaigns get the desired results. Get in touch with us to market your products in the right channels during the right season.

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