B2B Community Creation

B2B Community Creation


The primary issue faced by this client was that their offering was too niche. Their service, though highly effective was not being tapped due to lack of awareness as well as the absence of an optimal community of buyers, sellers, influencers and decision makers who could perceive this particular concept in the right manner.



B2B influencers and decision makers in the radius of the client’s offering circle.



Understanding the client’s business is the primary step. We studied the complete business model of the client using our needs analysis framework and picked up the value proposition of the client’s business. Using VenPep’s proven B2B Social Media Marketing Methodology, we identified and understood the client’s niche offerings and leveraged VenPep’s methodology around analytic-powered lead generation and retention. In this case, community creation with appropriate users, influencers and decision makers encouraged them to participate in thought leadership discussions.


The very first step in providing the solution was to identify and select the core value proposition of the client and create appropriate keywords. Keywords work as commands and directors that can drive traffic to your content/cause. Team VenPep was able to analyze and identify keywords that were then used to select befitting content.


The right content needs to be published through the right channels in the right medium in order to reach the target audience. The content selected was aimed at amplifying the client’s niche market concept and also provide adequate knowledge and a lucid understanding to the viewers. The content was published as comprehensive blogs, case studies, whitepapers, survey reports, publications across social channels.


With the diminishing rate of organic reach among social channels, targeting based on user segmentation was the key. Demographic studies were conducted to establish the right target audience and these results were used to publish content accordingly. For eg: B2B influencers and decision makers were identified in the radius of the client’s offering circle and positioned for the right message to reach the right person at the right time, empowering the end users to participate in community discussions.


Delivering carefully selected content was a key aspect of the whole project. Presenting the data through the right medium could make or break the ultimate target.

  • Channels –

    Special forums on any social channels

  • Community –

    Professional social communities such as Linkedin were tapped to gain communities with interests that resonated with the client’s core values and proposition.

  • Platform –

    Appropriate channels of communication were decided (email marketing, video embedded email, Youtube videos, etc) and call-to-action icons were placed to increase direct traffic.


There’s nothing to beat numbers at the end of the day. Our game plan was cohesive with analytical measurement that was able to track as well as identify the most optimum channel strategy. The engagement and lead generation from each channel was tracked as well as analyzed to provide not only current metrics but also market trends for further market probes. Based on these results, cross-promotion of viral content through successful channels was carried out. Re-targeting was another engagement method for getting our selected content to reach more influencers.


The retargeted leads were tracked through our social CRM that was automated to recognize and form suitable communities. We successfully formed the communities by invitation, engagement, measurement and personal targeting.



The benefits of VenPep’s efforts were visible and could be significantly measured.

  • A community with top-notch business professionals evolving around the niche core value proposition was created with 1200+ active participants over a 6-month period. A constant increase in communication was observed through this community.

  • The content engaged about 25% of the community members directly and 56% indirectly.

  • Client gathered more insights about the industry and customer expectations from the target group

  • The lead generation pipeline had increased by 500%, which resulted in over $1 million worth of business for the client.



  • B2B content should keep the imperative of building thought leadership in mind.

  • While working on B2B content, begin with a message of value, service, or trust underpinning your content, and then adjust your voice as needed to serve your target market.

  • While B2B marketers might have more limited promotional channels than B2C, they should look for highly targeted, relevant channels for their content promotion efforts to be successful.

  • B2B publishers should focus the format of their content on blogs, white papers, case studies, and product guides.

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