Instagram Updates That Are Useful For Business Accounts And Others
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Instagram Updates That Are Useful For Business Accounts And Others

In today’s digital world, social media platforms have become everything for the present generation. From connecting with the people to making the best purchasing decisions, social media platforms play undeniable roles in our everyday lives.

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media applications incorporated with unique features which help businesses to maximize revenue by reaching potential customers. Knowing about the Instagram features and making right use ofthem in real-time can bring a huge impact on businesses. Now go through this blog that explains the updates introduced in Instagram 2020.

Top 6 Updates Released for Instagram

Checkout Option

Instagram launched ‘Checkout option’ to buy a product through its application, thus enhancing the eCommerce opportunities of the brands. If a user taps on the required product, ‘checkout on Instagram’ button helps to purchase the product even without leaving the app. Among all other updates, everyone expects that this feature would become more significant among users.

New Look of Explore Tab

With the remodeling of the navigation bar, Instagram has become as a better place to find new content with tabs such as shop, food, art, travel and IGTV. For instance, if a user hits on the Shop tab, they can search for a particular product through narrow research. Taking the right advantage of these features in Instagram helps businesses to build the audience organically.

@Shop Launches

To help out the business people who rely on Instagram, it has introduced a page named @Shop Launch. At this page, small businesses and creators can learn the best practices followed by the huge companies through their unique content and inspirational stories.

Instagram Threads

Instagram has also released a messaging app ‘camera-first’ to connect with the closest friends or family. It supports users to share photos, videos, stories and texts to a selected group of members and have personalized communication.


Hey, digital marketers! This is for you. As an update of the Instagram platform, a new feature @creators account that is specially createdwith insights and tips for content creators. With this specially crafted option, you can get inspired by other successful Instagrammers and improvise your marketing efforts.

On This Day Feature

Being an Instagram user, you might have used different features in create mode to define your posts clearly. Similarly, Instagram came up with a new feature called ‘On This Day’ with which users can view the posts that are posted on the feed in the past.

No more ‘Following’ Tab

Apart from the new features, Instagram removed the ‘Following’ tab as its presence was not known for many users.

Final Thoughts

Thus, these are the updates introduced by Instagram which are especially helpful for business accounts to attain their goal. It is expected that with the updated features, Instagram will lead the digital platform and help the brands to connect with the audience through their interactive posts. Users can expecteven cooler updates of Instagram in the upcoming days.

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