7 Tips to Boost Your Conversion Rate on PPC Landing Pages

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has been one of the most effective promotional tools for digital marketers for more than two decades. It enables marketers to maximize their budget by only paying when someone clicks on their advertisements. PPC advertising gives marketers a dependable and simple

Instagram Updates That Are Useful For Business Accounts And Others

In today’s digital world, social media platforms have become everything for the present generation. From connecting with the people to making the best purchasing decisions, social media platforms play undeniable roles in our everyday lives. Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media

How Does Social Media Help In Taking Your Local Businesses To The Next Level?

In today’s competitive world, most businesses opt social media platforms as an effective marketing strategy to maintain a pace in the niche market. Generally, social media helps to connect with customers, enhances brand awareness and increases sales through lead generation. To attain the

The Right Time To Publish Your Posts On Social Media In 2020!

In today’s technological world, social media marketing plays a prominent role in increasing business exposure. The process of using social media channels and website to promote a product or service is termed as ‘Social Media Marketing’. This incredible marketing strategy helps businesses to

Seasonal Marketing

Marketing done during a particular period taking advantage of a season or event happening at that time is called seasonal marketing. The events can range from New Year to Christmas, including seasons like fall and summer. Many businesses flourish during that particular time in the whole year

Hashtag Marketing

What is Hashtag marketing? Using effective hashtags has become almost vital in digital marketing these days. To increase the brand reach, digital marketers use trending hashtags across social media channels. These hashtags have a massive influence in the digital world. For a user who consumes

Importance of Mobile Messaging For an Effective Marketing Strategy

Mobile messaging is an attractive way through which business professionals exchange information using instant messaging via mobile devices. Although marketing via messaging applications was originated under social media platform, it has made its way to an entirely different platform of its own. The

How Can Hashtags Improve Your Social Media Presence

Hashtags creates a great impact for you marketing messages when they are used rightly in your social media platforms. Few ways in which you can improve your presence on digital platforms using hashtags are listed below: Hashtags are an excellent way to boost the organic reach of your posts

Create Successful Facebook Video Ads - The 3 Step Formula

When creating a Facebook video ad for a client or for your company, follow these 3 steps that will result in higher conversion rates. 1. Keep the users from scrolling: Facebook is providing enormous opportunities by auto-playing the audio as well as the video whenever a user opens their news

Understand Customer Journey to Make Your Product Stand Out

The key to make sure your product is different from all the other products in the market; you have to understand the human patterns. According to a recent survey companies that invest in understanding and creating a buyers journey map gained 54% higher returns on their marketing tactics. Although

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