Importance of Mobile Messaging For an Effective Marketing Strategy

Mobile messaging is an attractive way through which business professionals exchange information using instant messaging via mobile devices. Although marketing via messaging applications was originated under social media platform, it has made its way to an entirely different platform of its own. The

How Can Hashtags Improve Your Social Media Presence

Hashtags creates a great impact for you marketing messages when they are used rightly in your social media platforms. Few ways in which you can improve your presence on digital platforms using hashtags are listed below: Hashtags are an excellent way to boost the organic reach of your posts

Create Successful Facebook Video Ads - The 3 Step Formula

When creating a Facebook video ad for a client or for your company, follow these 3 steps that will result in higher conversion rates. 1. Keep the users from scrolling: Facebook is providing enormous opportunities by auto-playing the audio as well as the video whenever a user opens their news

Understand Customer Journey to Make Your Product Stand Out

The key to make sure your product is different from all the other products in the market; you have to understand the human patterns. According to a recent survey companies that invest in understanding and creating a buyers journey map gained 54% higher returns on their marketing tactics. Although

Importance of Choosing the Right Influencer for Your Campaigns

Influencer marketing gets into action when you are willing to buy a product based on their recommendations about the item or reading a post by our favorite blogger. This is most successful way of boosting exposure for your brand, as it acts as word of mouth marketing in the digital form. You

Overview on the Reasons Your Website Does Not Get Traffic

Do you know why your website isn’t getting the expected traffic?? Where are you going wrong - is it due to poor navigation or technical issues?? It is important to pinpoint what are the reasons due to which you are not getting ranked. Here are some common reasons that can lead to your website

Digital Marketing Trends Of 2018

Digital marketing is now taking the spotlight leaving aside the traditional ways of marketing. In general, Digital marketing means promotions and advertisements done through various digital channels like social media platforms, websites, email, search engines, apps and anything that is digital.

Block chain in Marketing

Even in this modern era, people are reluctant to embrace change and they often see it as a burden, rather than an advantage. But in today’s digital age, this picture is beginning to change and people are adapting the changes. The latest technology that has evolved is the Block chain

The Steps to Create Amazing Content

In this modern era, there are many marketing strategies to promote your products or services. Content marketing is one such strategic approach which involves creation of relevant, innovative and valuable content, publishing the content in social media platforms and leveraging it. But as the saying

7 Common Factors Why Visitors Leave Your Website?

The whole point of having a web presence is converting visitors on your website into leads. To know why visitors are abandoning your website, you must first know the common factors which result in you further losing your leads. We have hence put together 7 key elements to ensure that you’re

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