Understand Customer Journey to Make Your Product Stand Out
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Understand Customer Journey to Make Your Product Stand Out

The key to make sure your product is different from all the other products in the market; you have to understand the human patterns. According to a recent survey companies that invest in understanding and creating a buyers journey map gained 54% higher returns on their marketing tactics. Although companies do not have the same customer journey mapping techniques, it ultimately goes down to 4 basic steps:

  • Discover the phase in which your customer discovered about your product/brand.
  • Consideration phase starts when your buyers start to research more about your products.
  • Transaction step happens when your product has been purchased by your customer.
  • The last step is called advocacy which happens when the customer recommends the product to other people because they love the product.

Marketers have to constantly modify their views and assumptions and seek out new data to understand the customer’s journey in much better way. To take advantage of a specific platform, we must first know the audience that we need to target and which platform they are active on. This is essential for an effective content strategy. We need to have an understanding of the digital world and how it can be used in every step of the cycle so that right messages can be sent on the right channel effectively.

The only way you can stand out is by having personalized content for your buyers, because great products and classy ads are there in every other company. The best brands are more focused on where, when and how customers are engaging intruder to deliver contents based on that. Once your buyer’s journey has been figured out, the next logical step is to create a content that speaks to the customers on a personal level. The more specific you get with your content, the more impact it will create on the buyer giving effective results.

There are many third party technologies that can craft contents or personalized messages for audiences that are then delivered to them on the right channel at the appropriate time. It is extremely important that your messages are deeply integrated in the digital platform of your consumer’s journey for each of your targets.

So before you market your product, think about the time when you were in the market and how did you go about searching for the product that you wanted and on what different channels did you search them on. This is the step where digital buyer journey gets interesting.

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