Brand engagement for a Hospitality Chain

Brand engagement for a Hospitality Chain


A chic hotel launched in a tier-2 city was looking for brand empowerment and engagement as it was undergoing a heavy competition in the market. To differentiate its offerings and the best in class service, the client wanted to understand the budgets needed to reach the selective audience.



A comprehensive digital publishing and consistent communication plan. VenPep team analyzed all the assets the hotel had and the programs the hotel conduct on weekly and monthly basis. Considering all the important assets, the team created unique content that will attract the audience. The publishing tools were selected ie., facebook, twitter, instagram, email marketing, google maps, google image searches, google adwords, email signature, etc., Content mapping was done for every channel separately and a unique engagement plan was written for the hotel. The posts were individually marked for specific target groups and budgets were allotted for the reach based on the expected reach.




The campaigns were published to the target group and the hotel experienced 240% increase in the walk-ins for the restaurant, 356% increase in the bars and over 5,000 members claiming the coupons and discount codes, group bookings increased by 24%, the overall engagement in the digital channels went up by 159%. The cost of acquisition of the client went down by 22% over a period of 3 months.

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